One day this past summer, 2007, I was coming home from a store when I passed a auto repair shop and found an interesting vehicle parked out front. I raced home, grabbed my camera and went back to record these pictures.

The shop specializes in antique and classic car restorations. I talked to the shop owner and he told me that the car was built on a Cadillac frame. The body was completely created from scratch. The engine is the original Cadillac stock engine and they created the interior.

It's owned by a local car collector and should be able to be seen at car shows and cruise-ins in the 2008 season. Hopefully, I will see it at one of these functions and will post more picture updates when I do.

UPDATE: November, 2011

For the last several weeks the 6-Corners Shop has been empty. I don't know if the owner retired, passed away, etc. The building is cleaned up and just sitting there.

UPDATE: November, 2014

The shop is still empty. There is now a "For Sale" sign on it. Still no news of the owner.

Update: 4-15-2015

The car shop is gone for good. There's another business in the building now. I have no idea what happened to the restoration shop.
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